Better than a photo booth.

We direct, we stylize, we create portraits that will last a lifetime. Unbutton your coat and put your hand on your hip. This is no photo booth. This is studio E. 

500 square feet of photo entertainment space.

With 500 square feet, Studio E creates an atmosphere of creativity and photo magic. It’s a space where you can dance, salute, smile and pose. Become who you want to be in Studio E.

Professional photo direction

We are world class photographers. After decades of shooting advertising, Steve knows how to make you look cool. Don’t worry about your hands or your smile, just relax. We’re here to make you look good, and we’re good at it. 

Group entertainment 

Studio E is a theatrical performance. If you aren’t the actor on stage you are the audience, watching guests transform into bellhops and navy officers. Enjoy the show!

Mid-century hat collection

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was this hat collection. Steve has been collecting authentic vintage hats for over 20 years from all over the world. Pick a hat, become a character and strike a pose. You're the star.

5x7 photo prints available that night  

For every photo session, guests will receive one high quality print available that night. There is nothing quite like holding an image where you look as beautiful as you feel. The night might end, but these prints last forever. 

Up to 30 people in one shot

With the ability to photograph 30 people in one shot, let's put everyone you love in one frame. Nobody is left out at Studio E!

Custom website

You will receive access to a website where you can download all of your photos. Guests will have the ability to view and purchase additional prints online as well. Relive the night through our website. 

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