Studio E pricing and info


  • We offer a private portrait session for the couple, the wedding party and their families immediately following the ceremony. 

  • After the private session Studio E will be open for all wedding guests until one hour before the event ends. 

  • Guests will receive images the night of event by text or email. 

  • A private website where you can download photos will be sent to the bride and the groom within one week of the event. 

  • A separate website for guests to view photos will be sent to the guests also within one week of the event.

  • All photos are captured on a 9’ wide dove gray seamless paper, similar to a Vanity Fair cover photo.  

  • We can shoot up to 10 people at a time.  

  • Steve Ewert, photography veteran with 30 years advertising experience, will shoot all your photos. 

  • We provide 50 midcentury hats and helmets from around the world. 

Extra Amenities 


  • 12’ wide seamless. Can fit 25 people. 


  • 5x7 semi gloss prints available that night.

Phone: 312 371 6937

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