Studio E

Welcome to Studio E.

Part professional photo studio. Part theatrical performance.There’s no photo experience more fun and more authentic.

Studio E is a portable portrait studio that comes complete with one of the world’s finest (and friendliest) professional photographers – Steve Ewert. For years, he was the ad industry’s go to choice for getting the best out of real people. Really! People love how they look when Steve shoots them.

We can set up shop wherever, whenever. Party favors? With each shot you get a 5x7 print – the perfect gift for every guest. From individuals. To couples. To 25 cousins in a frame (that’s our current record).

It all works in Studio E. We know how to direct. We know how to encourage creative moments. We know how to make real people look… real good. 

For example…

We’ve got a hat for that. Put on one of our vintage hats. After years of collecting, we’ve gathered hats from all over the world, some go back to WWI. Be a French soldier or a New York wise guy.  Our hats are authentic and we know there’s one you’ll want to put on. 

Our pictures? Highest quality. The experience? Timeless. 

Ewert Photo

Born in Kansas, Steve Ewert has been shooting pictures for decades. After traveling the world as a photo journalist for a year after college, he settled in Chicago, buying a West Loop loft. He became a prominent advertising photographer, shooting for McDonalds, Coke, Playboy, Huggies and many more. In 2000 Steve fell into the wedding business, renting his loft to couples. It was here that Studio E was born, originally called “The Ultimate Photo Booth.” Combining his portrait studio with the festive wedding atmosphere, people could drink and pose, holding up one of Steve’s vintage toy trucks. It was a perfect match. 

After selling his space, Steve moved Studio E to Greenhouse loft, where he has shot portraits at weddings for the past seven years. In 2020, Steve will be taking Studio E on the road, shooting at venues across Chicago.

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